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Click on the links below to read all about the current plans in place for Restoring Secord Lake!


With 69 miles of shoreline and 1100 acres of water, the entirety of Secord Lake will need a coordinated effort with property owners and volunteers.   This will take a volunteer effort led by TEAM CAPTAINS to RETAKE OUR LAKE. Click HERE to learn more

Restoring water to Secord Lake, making it safe for future generations, and protecting our property values are our highest priorities. We all want the water restored as quickly as possible. SLA supports the plan of the Four Lakes Task Force to accomplish this.

Click here for our Mission Statement



  • Michigan Brush Hogging Service (Jason Coney) 989-429-5698

  • Shoreline Brush Hog Service (Scott Sczepanski) 989-492-0155

  • Lewis Lawn Care 989-708-5045

  • Lake Side Services (Greg Krzciok) 989-435-9619

  • Green Cross Landscaping (Jim O'Connell) 989-698-6357

  • Quality Lawn Care & Landscaping, LLC 989-687-4114

Want to Volunteer your time/resources for weed & tree control for Secord Lake or need help on your property:

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News and Updates
The following are informational resources relative to Weed and Tree Control for Secord Lake

CLICK HERE to read the 08.11.22 SLA Weed Overview document.  This will give you a bit of background and answer a good number of currently known questions as well as giving some tips and recommendations for dealing with the current weed and tree control issues we are all facing.

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