Restoring water to Secord Lake, making it safe for future generations, and protecting our property values are our highest priorities. We all want the water restored as quickly as possible. SLA supports the plan of the Four Lakes Task Force to accomplish this.

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News & Updates

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8/17/20  Boyce Hydro submitted a letter to FERC with preliminary drawings for Right Retaining Wall Erosion Repair Design for Secord Dam (aka to fix the hole). In their letter, Boyce Hydro sought “FERC pre-approval of the design so limited financial resources (being administered by the Bankruptcy court) are not wasted”.

8/18/20  FERC Response: “The drawing sheets provided for the repairs cannot be pre-approved as requested in your letter. Additional information is needed in order to complete our review of the design. A complete design package will be required prior to FERC approval”.


“By letter dated May 20, 2020, the Commission required you (Boyce Hydro) to perform a dam safety inspection of the Secord Dam. You filed inspection reports for the Secord Dam on July 8, 2020. Further, supplemental dam safety reports are required for the Secord Dams by August 20, 2020. The Secord Project reservoirs cannot be returned to normal operating levels until you file the above information and demonstrate that the dams are safe. Your failure to comply with the Division of Dam Safety and Inspections (D2SI) directives has resulted in a prolonged state of drawdown and the reservoirs cannot be refilled until compliance is achieved”.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Will Secord have to pay for the repairs and construction of Edenville and Sanford dams?

A: No. Secord property owners will not pay to rebuild these two dams. There will be “shared costs” that benefit all four lakes such as legal, engineering, environmental and other expenses. There will be a Secord-only accounting we can all review.

Q: Wouldn't it be quicker if we just pay the $30,000 ourselves to make the repairs to our dam?

A: According to the 8/18/20 letter from FERC to Boyce Hydro, Secord Lake cannot be returned to normal levels until Boyce files required documents. FERC states specifically that it is Boyce's "failure to comply that has resulted in a prolonged state of drawdown."

Q: What is happening behind the scenes?

A: Three separate items in motion being monitored closely by the FLTF.
1) This past April, the FLTF provided a Secord spillway capacity design plan for Boyce Hydro to submit to FERC in
anticipation of the acquisition prior to the flood. This plan is being reviewed by FERC with questions to Boyce Hydro
regarding their intent to move forward. An answer from Boyce Hydro was due to FERC by Aug 21st (and this point we
have no update). The good news is the FLTF was forward thinking to submit this back in April.
2) On July 13, the FLTF submitted a 67-page Engineering Technical Memorandum to outline repairs to bring the dams to
standard including Secord. This is another proactive step to begin the process to obtain permits when the counties own
the dam.
3) The FLTF legal team is monitoring two paths – one is eminent domain (condemnation) and the other is the
bankruptcy proceedings.