Mission Statement

  • To improve, maintain and protect our waterways

  • To provide a consolidated voice for the common good of the community

  • To promote community awareness and concerns regarding the waters, flow-through, shorelines and neighborhoods

  • To provide a liaison between the Association community, local township governments and other agencies

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The Secord Lake Association, Inc. Board consists of representation from every township on Secord Lake (Bourret, Clement and Secord)

  • Phil Dast, President - Secord Township

  • Chuck Sikora, Vice President - Clement Township

  • Jeanne Ballor, Secretary - Bourret Township

  • Susan Morgan, Treasurer - Bourret Township

  • Steve Slaga - Secord Township

  • Rita Lewis, Director - Clement Township

  • Tami Johanson - Clement Township

  • Deborah Stover, Director - Secord Township

  • Richard West, Director - Clement Township

Secord Lake Association

PO Box 176 | Gladwin,  MI 48624

email:  secordlakeassociation@gmail.com

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